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Home Brewing for Everyone.

BEERMKR is an all-in-one home brewing system that anyone can use. It is easy enough for a first time brewer, and also fully customizable for seasoned pros. It makes and serves about a 12-pack of beer in just over a weeks’ time. Whether you're a season home brewer looking for an easy pilot batch brewer, or just a beer lover looking to dive into brewing, BEERMKR is for you!

Easy & Fast Setup with BEERMKR App

Simply follow the instructions on the BEERMKR app and in just 5 minutes, you will be brewing your very own beer. BEERMKR is Wifi enabled, so you can monitor the progress of your beer easily from the BEERMKR app.

BEERTAP Included: For Easy Carbonation and Serving Right From Your Fridge

Our BEERTAP is included for no extra cost, so you can easily carbonate and serve your own beer. BEERTAP allows for forced carbonation, using the CO2 cartridges included in your MKRKIT, so you can pour fresh carbonated beer right from your fridge.

Temperature Controlled Brewing and Fermentation

The array of heating/cooling elements and sensors allow BEERMKR to control the temperature throughout the entire beer making process. Brewing AND fermentation! Precisely controlling the environment for fermentation makes for great beer every time.

All-Grain Brewing: Only Real Ingredients

BEERMKR is the only automatic beer brewing machine that allows for All-Grain Brewing, that means no extracts. BEERMKR lets you brew the traditional way, just like your favorite craft brewery. You can use your own grains, or simply the grains included in one of our variety of MKRKITs.

Brew an Endless Variety of Beer Styles with BEERMKR

Our MKRKIT Ingredient Kits Come With Everything You Need - or - Customize and Build Your Own Recipe!

Our MKRKITs make brewing great beer easy. They come with everything you need to make an awesome batch of beer; grains, hops, yeast, CO2, and a fresh BeerBag and Waste bag. Our MKRKIT ingredients are packed in pre-portioned bags, so all you need to do is follow the instructions on the app and add the ingredients to the BrewTub. When you want to start your next batch, we'll send your next MKRKITs directly to your door.

Customize YOUR Beer

BEERMKRs brewing system is completely open, so if you want to add coffee to your Stout? Grapefruit to your IPA? Go for it! You can add your own personal touch to one of our existing MKRKITs, or start a recipe from scratch using your own ingredients! Our "Do It Yourself" functionality allow you to input your own ingredients and modify the fermentation times and temps, so you have complete control over your beer.

Step 1: Follow the Instructions on the BEERMKR App

Setting up a brew takes just 5 MINUTES. Simply follow the instructions found on the BEERMKR app, watch the videos, and you'll be brewing in no time. Say goodbye to spending entire weekends setting up, cleaning, and monitoring your beer. Now you can do it all on your phone in minutes!

Step 2: Add the Ingredients

Take the pre-portioned ingredients included in your MKRKIT and add it to the BrewTub. Fill the system with water, and press start; it's that easy! Feel like customizing your beer? Go for it! BEERMKRs open system lets you put your stamp on your beer.

Step 3: Transfer Finished BeerBag to BEERTAP

When your beer is done fermenting, transferring it to your BEERTAP is easy! Just disconnect the BeerBag from the BEERMKR and install it into your BEERTAP. Screw in the included CO2 and set it in your fridge!

Step 4: Enjoy!

After just 24 hours, you'll have carbonated beer ready to drink right in your fridge! BEERMKR allows everyone, regardless of their experience, to easily make awesome beer. By precisely controlling temperature and pressure throughout the process, you can be sure that your beer will be great every time!