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BEERMKR is the world's first automatic beer-brewing machine that anyone can use. It makes over a gallon of craft beer in a week's time.



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Each BEERMKR comes with a dispenser and your choice of MKR KIT.

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BEERMKR handles both brewing AND fermentation and is 100% open, allowing you to customize recipes directly on the machine. BEERMKR is the world's only fully-contained beer brewery that sits on your counter, giving you all the tools of the best brewers and all the fun of making delicious beer—without the mess and complexity of traditional homebrewing. 

Nothing like it exists.

How it works

Add ingredients

Use a MKR KIT or customize to your heart's content.


The brewing process is all done on the app. You'll get a push notification whenever you need to do anything like pitch yeast or add dry hops.


A week later, your beer will be ready to drink!

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5-minute setup

5 minutes are all it takes to start a batch of beer. Place your ingredients into the brewing chamber, insert the brew pouch, and fill the system with water. Press start on the app, and BEERMKR takes care of the rest.

Start a batch before you leave the house for the day, and by the time you get home, it's time to pitch the yeast. And don't worry, BEERMKR will send you a push notification so you know just when it's your turn to do something, like pitch yeast, add dry hops, or remove the beer for serving.


MKR KITs include everything you need to brew a batch of beer: grains, hops, yeast, a brew pouch, CO2, and a muslin bag. You can brew the recipes as is, or customize with your own ingredients directly in the machine.

Fermentation Control

Proper fermentation is the key to high quality beer. BEERMKR's CO2 monitoring and temperature control system can see exactly what is happening inside your beer, and its solid state heat exchanger keeps the yeast at their ideal fermentation temperature automatically. The optimal temperature profile for the yeast is already known by the machine, and you can change the profile manually if you wish!

Under the hood

BEERMKR is the culmination of over 5 years of product development. Its ease of use, monitoring and control systems, and cloud feedback give BEERMKR the ability to make defect-free beer with very little work from you, the brewer.


Start a brew, get notifications, create and edit recipes, buy MKR KITs, and watch your beer's progress all on the BEERMKR app. You can even manage multiple BEERMKRs at the same time. Available on both iOS and Android.

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