You don't need any brewing experience to make incredible beer with BEERMKR. Want to see what the process is like? Check out below:





Open your BEERMKR and add your grain. Our MKR KITs come with everything you need to make an excellent craft beer, but you have the option to make changes to the recipe or bring all of your own ingredients. BEERMKR works best with all-grain recipes comprised of barley, oats, and wheat, but you can also use rice, fruits, powdered sugars and syrups.


BEERMKR creates a closed and insulated environment, allowing precise temperature control throughout the beer making process.
During brewing, BEERMKR activates all of the enzymes present in the grains to break down starch and protein while achieving a system-wide pasteurization.


BEERMKR can use dry as well as liquid yeast and pellet hops (no whole cone). BEERMKR also uses Steam Hops to provide bitterness. For more info on Steam Hops, check out


Over the next 3-7 days your beer will undergo fermentation. BEERMKR's sensors and heat exchanger will keep the yeast at the exact temperature required by the strain and the recipe. In DIY mode, you can set this temperature. It can be in the 40s and 50s to produce authentic lagers, or in the 80s to produce an ester rich Belgian. It can even kettle sour!


When fermentation is complete, you will get a notification on your phone that it's time to transfer your beer to the included BEERTAP. Inside the BEERTAP your beer will carbonate with the help of a CO2 gas cartridge (included in your MKR KIT).


After a few days in the refrigerator the CO2 cartridge will have fully carbonated your beer.


Go ahead and pour yourself a glass! Over the next week your beer will continue to mature. It's best to test a little every day so you can see how that particular recipe develops over time. Some beers like IPAs are best young when the hops are fresh. Others like Imperial Stouts are best aged for at least a few weeks so all those complex flavors have time to come together.


The beer brewing process is a complex and fragile process that takes years of practice and countless hours of research to master. BEERMKR automates this process in an oxygen sealed environment with patent pending CO2 monitoring and temperature management systems. BEERMKR is connected to the BEERMKR Cloud which monitors your brew's progress. It compares your beer's performance to other successful batches and can make adjustments in real time if anything diverges, guaranteeing professional-grade results without any additional input from you.

This allows both beginner and veteran brewers to relish in the fun parts of brewing: exploring ingredients and flavor combinations, and drinking the finished beer.




"I love beer, and have always wanted to make beer, but never had for 2 main reasons. I hate the idea of spending half a day doing all the cleaning and setup every time I wanted to make something. And I didn't like the idea of having to throw away 5 gallons of beer in the event that I screwed up, which I figured was inevitable at some point. Also, I tend to be very messy, and that usually doesn't go well for me.

In late 2018 I ran across a Kickstarter campaign for this thing called BeerMkr, and was so impressed with what they were trying to do that I bought 4 of them during the Kickstarter funding round (yeah, I like beer, so what?) That fact is even more significant since I had never bought into anything on Kickstarter before and knew there was a risk of losing the investment. But I loved their concept of putting quality craft beer and brewery level temperature controls at my newbie fingertips, all while giving me the option of either brewing a stock kit, or doing my own thing once I learned enough about what I was doing.

Fast forward to late December 2020, and I received my 4 BeerMkrs, 4 Beertaps, and 12 Mkr Kits. I immediately started brewing beer, and haven't stopped since. So far I have brewed several stock kits, a couple of kits I "tweaked" a bit, and am currently in the process of brewing a couple of recipes from scratch that I came up with.

Bottom line, the Beermkr is a solid unit that just works, does exactly what it is supposed to do, and does it very well. It turns out beer that is at least equal to most of the craft-brewery brews I've had, and it really is as easy to set up a batch as they say. After that it's mostly set it and forget it. Although it is hard to forget, because it's just so d*** cool to open the door and look at the live action of the beer fermenting in the bag! The app tells you when to pitch yeast and hops and all the other steps. Most of it is automated."



"Super easy set-up and delicious beer (have made Future IPA, Chubby Stout, and Jurassic Ale thus far). I have been homebrewing 5 gallon extract and all-grain beer off and on for the past 10 years. Recently, my young kids have made it more difficult to spend 4-5 hours brewing. The BEERMKR makes brewing quick and easy! I am now planning my own recipes to try out. I think the small batches and shorten fermentation times open up the possibilities to experiment with new recipes before scaling up to 5 gallons. The BEERMKR support team have been quick to help with questions along the way. In addition, the BEERMKR owners group on Facebook and reddit have been a welcoming community brimming with encouragement and new ideas."



"I just finished my first brew using the system, and I chose the Redwood IPA kit. I loved the fact that the machine manages both brew AND fermentation. I've done both old-school home brewing, as well as used a PicoBrew, but found the process management to be tradeoff between time, cost and space. I know brewers who love brewing process and the associated equipment more than they love drinking it, but I'm not built that way. I'm more interested in trying different recipes and letting a machine do what machines are good at, namely controlling tedious things around the clock! Also, I don't drink a ton of beer, and we have limited space, so the automation and small batch size of the BEERMKR is perfect for me. The brewing and fermentation process went off without a hitch. As with any new product, there are some wrinkles: the app is a bit buggy (that's being sorted out) and the BEERTAP is clunky and requires a lot of care to avoid pinched tubing. Tech support from the company is excellent, and also the (independent) Facebook group of BEERMKR users has been invaluable. Overall, a great effort from a small group of really dedicated folks. I'm already planning my first DIY batch!"

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