Hopshake IPA


6.0% ABV, 39 IBU

The Hopshake IPA is a velvty IPA with loads of tropical fruit and citrus hop notes. The flaked grains and opulent hops give this beer a NEIPA-like quality, and the honey malt and lactose fill out the mouth feel and add a perception of sweetness. This is an IPA-lover's milkshake IPA.

When crafting this milkshake IPA, we wanted to create a beer that has all the creaminess of the milkshake style, but still holds true to the IPA namesake. So many milkshake IPAs have fruit additions and they skew away from the IPA style and we wanted to ensure this beer was an IPA first. However if you want to add fruit, you can! We recommend orange, blueberries, guava, or peaches. Fresh or frozen fruit should go in with the grain at the beginning. Aim for 1lb, and be sure to smash it up before it goes in.

BEERMKR Hopshake IPA in glass


The grain body is composed of 2-Row, Flaked Oats, Flaked Wheat, Carafoam, Honey Malt, and Lactose. The flaked grains give the beer structure. The Carafoam adds a residual sweetness. The Honey Malt brings a complex sweetness that resembles darker tinted honey. The lactose brings creaminess and a touch sweetness.


We are proud to use the Ales For ALS hop blend in this beer, and a percentage of the proceeds on the sale of this beer will be donated to the ALS Therapy Development Institute.

The hop bill consists of Amarillo® 60-Minute Steamhops for bitterness, and Lemondrop, Eureka!, and Ales For ALS hop blend as dry hops. This composition sways between citrus and melon to pine and resin.


West coast yeast is used to bring notes of red fruit and a clean finish.



AMARILLO® is a trademark owned by Virgil Gamache Farms, Inc.

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