The Kölsch style originates from Cologne Germany. It is known for its light body comprised almost entirely of Pilsen malt and light use of noble hop varieties. This is a low-ingredient beer that is counter to many of overloaded styles found in neighboring Belgium and the American craft scene. By keeping the malt bill simple, the Kolsch style allows for a delicate yet expressive display of German noble hops.

  • ABV: 5.3%
  • IBU: 32
  • SRM: 3.3

Our Kolsch is 87% Pilsen malt, 9% Vienna malt, and 4% Carapils. This keeps the body very light with a touch of color and a slight taste of fresh bread from the Vienna malt. The Carapils is there for head retention. The hop bitterness comes from a 60-minute addition of Northern Brewer and the flavor and aromatics come from a 20 and a 10 minute addition of Tettnang. Tettnang has a honeysuckle florality that is unobstructed by the light grain bill.

A German ale yeast is used to ferment out this Kolsch that brings a hint of fruit ester and a touch of sulphur when it’s young. The yeast clears nicely after sitting at cold temperatures for a week in the BEERTAP. Grain to glass time is 10 days, and ideal drinking time is one week after that. Prost!