The American Amber ale category has long been a mainstay of American Craft Beer. Of the three flagship American craft beers that shaped the early days of the craft beer revolution, two were ambers: New Belgium Fat Tire, and Sam Adams Boston Lager. Obviously Boston Lager was fermented with a lager yeast instead of an ale yeast, but the grain bills and colors are remarkably similar. They both feature malts bills with dark caramel malts that gives the copper body and sweetness which hallmarks of the amber style.

Jurassic Ale was crafted with the goal of representing this style. The grain bill is comprised of 80% 2-row malt, 8% Caramel 60L, 8% Victory, and 4% Carapils. The 2-row contributes very little color but a bulk of the fermentable sugars. The Caramel 60L brings a round sweetness to the finish as well as a bulk of the copper color. Victory brings a nutty, toasted flavor as well as some color, and Carapils adds dextrin sweetness and head retention.

  • ABV: 5.8%
  • IBU: 59
  • SRM: 12.6

The hops focus on classic American varieties with 39 IBUs coming from the 60-minute addition of Amarillo, a hop known for it’s lemon and spice characteristics. Cascade brings most of the hop flavor with a 20-minute addition that attributes 19 IBUs and another Cascade addition that is purely for aromatics. Cascade has lots of grapefruit and citrus notes with a touch of pine.

This beer is fermented with an English yeast strain that adds fruity esters and drops out of suspension quickly to yield a crystal clear body. The grain to glass time of this beer is approximately 10 days. This beer requires another 3 to 5 days in the BEERTAP to clarify and reach it’s yeast-free drinking zone, and this beer is crystal clear after 10 days in the tap!