Getting Started With BEERMKR

Included In The Box

  • BEERMKR Brewer
  • BEERMKR Dispenser
  • 2x Grey Valves
  • 4x White Valves
  • Water Measuring Pitcher
  • Maturation Accelerator Enzymes (ALDC)
  • Clarifier
  • Power Plug

Where to find help

If you need help for any reason, contact our best in class support team. Whether it's an issue with your order, a technical setup issue, or if you need help brainstorming a custom beer recipe, we're here to help!

Day 1: Brew Setup

Day 2: Pitch Yeast and Hops

Day 3-6: Dry Hopping (Not All Recipes)

Day 7-14: Tap Transfer

Frequently Asked Questions

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How is BEERMKR Different From Traditional Homebrewing

Connect With The BEERMKR Community

We highly recommend you join one of the two community groups on Facebook and on Reddit. These groups are where thousands of BEERMKR brewers connect together, share recipes, and talk beer. Both of these groups are organic communities and are not affiliated with BEERMKR Inc, however we at BEERMKR are members of these groups and often join in the discussion!