Adjuncts for Days

The FIVEDAY Stout brews & ferments in just FIVE DAYS. Each recipe comes with one or more additional so you can customize and experiment with this month.

Whoa, That's Kviek

What is Kviek yeast? Well, it’s a new yeast strain out of Norway that ferments at warmer temps, and ferments fast!

How to Customize

When to Customize

FIVEDAY Chocolate50g Cacao NibsDry HopBrewTub
FIVEDAY Coconut50g CoconutDry HopBrewTub
FIVEDAY Coffee100g Coffee + 12oz Cold Water: Cold brew in a french press for 18 hoursDry HopBrewTub
FIVEDAY Oak30g Oak CubesBrew SetupBeerBag
FIVEDAY Hoppy12g Simcoe, 12g Centennial, 12g CTZDry HopBrewTub
FIVEDAY Milk100g LactoseBrew SetupBrewTub
FIVEDAY Valentines1 pack Cherry Juice, 50g Cacao NibsBrew Setup and Dry HopBrewTub
FIVEDAY Breakfast50g Maple Syrup, 100g Lactose, Cold Brewed Coffee (see above)Brew Setup and Dry HopBrewTub