Chubby Stout has a lot of different grains that all play a role in producing a robust beer. It is comprised of 59% 2-Row malt, 12% Flaked Oats, 6% Caramel 120L, 6% Caramel 60L, 6% Munich, 6% Roasted Barley, and 6% Chocolate Malt. The base malts of 2-Row and Munich bring the fermentable sugar with a biscuit complexity and the Flaked Oats bring a structured mouthfeel along with some fermentable sugars. The Roasted Barley is unmalted and brings a deep color and a sharp grain bitterness. The Chocolate malt is similarly dark, but is malted and brings rich notes of chocolate and coffee without the same bitterness of Roasted Barley. The two Caramel malts bring the finishing sweetness with the 60L contributing a deep caramel sweetness to the finish and the 120L contributing a dark fruit sweetness of raisin and plum.

  • ABV: 7.3%
  • IBU: 63
  • SRM: 57.3

The hops rely on two additions of CTZ, one at 60-minute and one at 30-minute which account for all of the 63 calculated IBUs. The dark grain also adds bitterness, but it is not accounted for in the IBU equation. CTZ provides a resinous, piny flavor to the beer, and the Cascade aromatic addition brings a slight aroma and taste of grapefruit and citrus.

The yeast is a Chico strain from California and it produces a clean beer with a slight peach ester. While this is a big beer and only gets better in time, it is fully drinkable on day one in the BEERTAP. The grain to glass time is 12 days, and this beer really hits it’s prime after sitting in the BEERTAP for a week or two.

This stout does really well with additions like oak, bourbon, coffee, coconut, and so on. Be sure to check out the knowledge base in the BEERMKR app for guidelines on adding these ingredients to your beer!