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What's my beer?

When you walk into a bar or restaurant with your friends and you sit down to look at the drink menu and you seem to be lost in the foreign looking names of endless choices of beer. So, you ask your friend and they say, “oh you’ll like this, its ‘hoppy’”. But this means nothing to you? You’re not alone, finding the right beer for you can be intimidating.

Great beer comes from happy yeast.

BEERMKR is the only small form factor brewer available that manages both brewing and fermentation. No other brewers manage yeast and fermentation. Yeast make beer, and without yeast, beer would just be non-alcoholic hoppy sugar water. For yeast to create the plethora of flavors and alcohol that they do, they must be at a very specific temperature.

Hops on hops on hops

BEERMKR is the only automated brewing system to allow no restrictions in hop additions. You can add as many varieties as you choose, for whatever hop schedule you choose.

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