BEERMKR Seeking Investment

At BEERMKR, we love beer.  We love beer so much that we’ve spent three years and several million dollars developing a home brewing device that allows someone at home to take grains, hops, and yeast and turn them into high quality beer in 10 to 14 days.  Now, we are seeking investments to help bring our machine beer lovers everywhere!

beermkr home brewing machine automatic beer making

The BEERMKR Product

BEERMKR is an all-grain countertop beer brewing machine that anyone can use. It takes 5 minutes to set up and is as easy to use as a coffee machine. It has sophisticated temperature and pressure control and measuring devices that takes grains thru the brewing, fermentation, and carbonation process while preventing spoilage from oxygen and bacteria.  The entire process is controlled through the BEERMKR app, and is so easy that anyone, regardless of his or her experience, can brew great beer.

Business Model

BEERMKR the company will sell the appliance that makes and serves your beer, as well as all the ingredients to make the beer (grains, hops yeast, etc), branded as MKR KITs, which has proven to be a strong recurring revenue stream.  But what makes BEERMKR so exciting, is brewers can design and customize their own formulas allowing them the ability to make beer that rivals craft beer found at your local brewpub. Our app store sells all of these custom ingredients so the brewers can one-stop-shop for all their brewing needs.

Market and Traction

BEERMKR launched a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2018 and delivered the pre-ordered BEERMKRs in December 2020. We now have over 1000 units in the hands of brewers around the country.  Our sole focus for the last two months has been on improving the customer experience.  Our brewers have been very supportive and helpful with our effort to make a great machine.  You can read about their experiences on Reddit and Facebook.

BEERMKR is now ready to start getting the word out and selling machines.  Our existing investor will finance our working capital.  We have paid for machines that are now in route from China to the US.  The expense of designing the machine and building molds for manufacturing the various parts is behind us.  Our overhead is low.  The amount of machines that we need to sell to breakeven is low.  Our profits grow exponentially as we sell more machines and then make follow on sales of MKR KITs.

Our Ask

If you have interest in participating in the round, please send us an email at 

Who We Are

The founders of the company include two Cornell MBAs, Aaron Walls and Brett Vegas and one Cornell Engineering PhD, Matthew Goff, and one MEng from Case Western Reserve, Evgeniy Tkachenko.  The company’s angel investor/advisor/partner, Pete Vegas, has an MBA from Harvard and has built and continues to run a very successful business in the food industry.  We all love of beer and the opportunity to make beer at home is what brought this team together.

Next Steps

If interested in an investment of any size or to receive our pitch deck and more information, please contact us at