MKR KIT 4-Pack
MKR KIT 4-Pack
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MKR KIT 4-Pack

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  • Grains

  • Hops

  • Yeast

  • Brew Bag

  • Waste Bag

  • Yeast nutrient

  • CO2 cartridges

A 4-pack of MKRKITs:

Future IPA: Hazy IPA. ~6.5% abv, 45 IBU. 2-row, oats, and carapils. Citra, mosaic, el dorado for the hops. Dry English yeast. Over the top tropical hop character, subtly hazy body.

Redwood IPA: Classic west coast IPA. ~7% abv, 68 IBU. 2-row, wheat, c-20, and carapils . Chinook, cascade, and centennial for brew hops and dry hops. Chico yeast. Pine and citrus hop profile, wheat and caramel malts craft a full mouth feel with a deep yellow color.

Jurassic Ale: ESB / Amber Ale. ~5.5%, 40 IBU. 2-row, c-60, and carapils. Amarillo and cascade hops. Dry English yeast. The copius amount of caramel-60L give this beer a deep amber color and the Amarillo and cascade hops add lemon and grapefruit overtones.

Chubby Stout: American stout, ~6.5% abv with 2-row, flaked oats, caramel 120L and 60L, munich, chocolate, and roasted barley. CTZ and cascade hops. Chico yeast. Deeply complex malt body and classic C-hops yield the quintessential American stout. Perfect base to add coffee, coconut, or whisky soaked oak chips.

Ghost Wheat: American wheat beer, 5% abv with 2-row, wheat, and vienna. Simcoe and amarillo hops. Chico yeast. Very clean yeast with a familiar American hop character. Slightly resinous simcoe as a 60 minute addition lets the lemon forward amarillo be the focus of the hops. Balanced, mellow.

Squeaky Kolsch: Classic German-style Kolsch. ~5.5% abv with pilsner, vienna, carapils. Northern brewer, tettnang. German ale yeast. Very light body with a hint of complexity from the vienna. Northern brewer and tettnang hops give floral aromatics. Light and quaffable. Best enjoyed in very big mugs on hot days.