• New MKRKIT: Patio Pilsner

    4.8% ABV | 33 IBU | 2.3 SRM The Patio Pilsner is a light lager with a balanced bitter backbone. The body is comprised almost entirely of Pilsen m...
  • BEERMKR on Shark Tank - A Retrospective

    BEERMKR is a pretty awesome device - it brews, ferments, and serves your own craft beer, and does so on your countertop. It also connects to your phone and the recipes are completely customizable. Setup takes 5 minutes and cleaning is a snap. On May 7th, 2021, ABC aired our September 2020 Shark Tank pitch to Mark Cuban, Kevin O'Leary, Barbra Corcoran, Lori Greiner, and Alex Rodriguez, all of whom loved the beer and were extremely impressed with the BEERMKR device.

  • NEWS: BEERMKR Featured on Denver7 ABC News This Morning!

    Thanks to Denver7 for the coverage this morning!  We're incredibly excited to be on SharkTank tonight and show our beer brewing machine to the worl...
  • BEERMKR REVIEW: "I brewed beer in my basement with this automatic home brewing machine"

    Though I live in a part of New England that’s filled with microbreweries and brewpubs, I’ve never stopped thinking about making my own beer from s...
  • New MKR KIT: La Cabrona Mexican Lager

    Summer is almost here, where hot days in the sun are best paired with light sessionable beers. Our latest MKR KIT is the La Cabrona Mexican Lager,...
  • Live Every Week Like It's Shark(Tank) Week

    We are insanely lucky to have the opportunity to pitch to the Sharks, but this experience is by no means typical of running a young business.  However, we do think the process of preparing for SharkTank is something every start-up should put themselves through.
  • BEERMKR on Shark Tank May 7

    We just got word that BEERMKR will be on Shark Tank on May 7th at 8:00 PM EST on ABC.  (more programming info can be found here) Tune in to see Aa...
  • New Beer Release: Belgian Witbier

    We’re excited to announce our latest MKR KIT, the Belgian Witbier! Witbier means “White Beer” in Dutch and is composed of wheat and barley malts with noble hops and a classic Belgian yeast. It is a beer dominated by the Belgian yeast character with notes of clove, bubblegum, and sweet fruit.
  • Introducing the C-Hop SMaSH Series!

    What is a S.M.a.S.H.?  It stands for Single Malt and Singe Hop beers.  These deceptively simple, yet delicious, beers are a great way to highlight a couple aspects of brewing that you may not have realized.  First off, SMaSH beers are an amazing illustration of the fundamentals of the brewing process.  With just three main ingredients (grains, hops, and yeast) and proper temperature control, you can brew some very impressive tasting beers.
  • Spent Grain Dog Treats

    Spent grain can be used for so many things outside of brewing beer - breads, muffins, even burgers! My particular favorite is using it as the main ingredient in dog treats for my dog, MaxoNow your BEERMKR isn't just for you! Our three easy steps will get you into doggy-pleasing-food-manufacturing mode quickly and easily.
  • New MKRKIT Ursa Baltic Porter

    Over the weekend we released our latest MKR KIT, the Ursa Baltic Porter. Baltic Porters are related to the Russian Imperial Stout. They often share...
  • Robobrewer Battle: BEERMKR vs Pico Brew vs Electric Mash and Boil

    The Battle of the RoboBrewers is on! Over the years, you have probably heard about the army of automatic home brewers that have hit the market. There’s BEERMKR, BrewArt, Pico, an array of electric mash and boil machines, and plenty of others that have bit the dust (RIP). What all these machines have in common, is that they're trying to make brewing easier and faster by automating certain aspects of the brewing process, or in the case BEERMKR, the entire process. We’re going to walk through the categories of the machines, their pros and cons, and how they can fit into your arsenal of brewing equipment.