Three Crispy Mexican Lager Facts

Ever wondered how lagers arrived in Mexico?  What makes a Mexican lager different from a traditional lager?  You got questions, we got answers.

So how did Lagers make it to Mexico?

While Mexico has a long tradition of fermented drinks, the origins of the Mexican lager are linked back to the 19th century.  When Austrian and German immigrants started settling in Texas and Mexico, they brought their lager recipes along with them.

What makes a Mexican lager different from other lagers?

The Mexican lager is secretly just a Vienna lager, but brewed with adjuncts like corn or maize, which is native to this area.  Many of the darker amber colored Mexican lagers present in the market have a more similar grain bill to those of their Austrian forefathers.

When did the Mexican lager get so popular?

Back during Prohibition, beer obviously wasn't being brewed here in the States, giving Mexican brewers a major opportunity.  Much of that growth game during those prohibition years, and now Mexico is the worlds largest beer exporter with over $4 billion in sales annually.

Does Mexico only brew yellow lagers?

Not at all!  Even some of the more traditional Mexican brands have darker varieties available, and there is a burgeoning craft beer scene.  Here's a killer list of micro-breweries to check out in Mexico!

Cervecería de Colima – Across their five main beers, they have a German Pilsner, American Pale Ale, Porter, Tropical IPA (yes, in Mexico,) and a Session IPA. When in Jalisco and Colima, find it. Amazing branding and very cool bottles, too.

Baja Brewing – The Por Favor Mexican IPA and the Pelirroja Amber Ale. Go find a cantina if you are close by.

Cerveza Minerva – From Jalisco, they are making beers of all styles including IPAs and Belgians. If you see a Dorado de Guadalajara, grab one.

Monzón Brewing Co – Magical place in Puerta Vallarta with a great taproom. Make sure to try the White Noise Hefeweizen.

Los Muertos Brewing – The West Coast IPA, Revenge, Agave Maria Amber Ale which uses Victory Malt. Awesome food and atmosphere.

Puerto Juárez Brewery – This is the nano-brewery jewel of the Cancun area. Tasting menus, hazy IPAs, brown ales, and amazing people. Fermin Lopez Flores is doing great things. Don’t skip this one if you are heading down to the beach destination. 

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