The Key Is Kveik!

“Grain to glass in 5 days? That’s preposterous!”. If that’s what you’re thinking, you would have been right 3 years ago. However a game changer in the brewing industry came to us all in the form of a new commercially packaged yeast strain called Kveik. This yeast is actually quite old. Hailing from Norway, this yeast is a farmhouse strain that has been happily fermenting beers for Norwegians for hundreds of years. The flavor profile is exceptionally clean with no real noticeable flavors at all. That makes this yeast well suited to ferment styles that are heavily dependent on other ingredients to bring the flavors like the hops from an IPA or the dark grains in a Stout.

 Kveik is able to completely ferment out a beer in under 24 hours, and it can do it without producing any of the off flavors yeast are known to produce when fermenting too hot and too fast. Fermentation takes place around 100º F, and your beer is ready to drink within a day or two of pitching your yeast. Wild!

 Counting in brew time, fermentation time, cold crash, and carbonation, you can be drinking a Kveik beer in about 5 days from start to finish. This is the perfect way to try different flavor combinations back to back to see how big of a difference they make on your beer.

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