Recipe Builder Template v1.4

Here is the latest Recipe Builder Template, now at v1.4. It includes a few absorption updates, adds a few yeast strains, and most importantly, two new calculators for Double Mashing and Strike Temp Mashes.

Double mashing is great and will allow you to get up to 11% ABV beers using all malt. The efficiency of the mash decreases with the increase in sugar, so be prepared to put up to 3kg of malt in the basket to get those numbers. It's best to start a double mash in the morning or right before bed. The first mash takes 8 hours, then you'll get a notification to pull the spent grain. Dump it, rinse out your grain basket, add more grain and water, then hit the button to start the second mash. You can pull the second mash when it wraps up 4 hours later, then pitch yeast and hops like normal.

Strike temp mashes allow you to target specific sugar profiles for your mash. BEERMKR is extremely convenient in auto mode but it has a bias towards simple sugars since it heats up from room temp and hits beta amylase long before it hits alpha amylase temperatures. Beta amylase is responsible for short chain sugars which ferment out completely and alpha amylase is responsible for long chain sugars which are harder to ferment and can stick around after fermentation leading to higher FG and more mouthfeel.

If you wanted to target complex sugars in your mash, we have a new mode that will allow you to pre-heat your water in the BEERMKR the night before so it will be ready for you to brew when you choose. Just add your malt and the mash will settle out at your desired temp.

The original way we recommended getting more complex sugars in your wort was simply to use more caramel malts in your mash, but that doesn't help if you are developing a recipe to scale to a larger system with specific mash temps. Using a strike temp mash allows you scale 1:1 without subbing ingredients.

We're working on updating our DIY section in the app to include these modes natively, but that is still in development. So if you'd like to try one of these new modes, send an email to and we'll get the recipe sent to your machine.

A big thanks to the BEERMKR brewers in the community that helped us develop these new brewing schedules!

To download the latest template, follow the link below:

BEERMKR Recipe Builder v1.4

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