MKRKIT Spotlight: Belgian Tripel


 8.3% ABV 40 IBU 8.8 SRM

This Belgian Tripel is constructed in the same Trappist style as the famous monastery brews from Belgium. It is light in color and intensely flavorful. An addition of coriander provides spicy aromatics and the rock candi sugar increase the alcohol and esters produced by the yeast. 


Pilsen malt forms the bulk of the grain bill giving this beer a somewhat sweet but delicate malt profile. Flaked barley increase the mouth feel and smoothness of the beer. Aromatic and biscuit malts add a hint of malt complexity while keeping the overall color very light. Belgian rock candi sugar is also added to give the yeast a simple sugar to add a soft alcohol warming and a Belgian ester profile to this tremendous beer.

Hops and Spices

Magnum and Fuggle hops play a background role in this Tripel. They add around 40 IBUs of bitterness without imparting a lot of hop specific flavors or aromas. Coriander is added to the malt to provide a fresh citrus spice that becomes the driving aromatic profile in addition to soft yeast esters.


This brew uses WB-06 from Fermentis. While Fermentis lists WB-06 as a yeast for German wheat beers, genetically it is said to be a Belgian yeast from the Duvel brewery. It produces the classic Belgian golden strong ale flavors of bubblegum and clove and those flavors come through very well.

Grain to Glass Time

This beer ferments quickly and you will see this Tripel finish and be ready for transfer to the tap in 7 days. While this beer is very good immediately upon transferring, flavors will continue to develop in the tap. We recommend tasting this beer a little each day. It generally achieves clarity after two weeks in the tap and will reach full flavor maturity after a month, however don't let that stop you for enjoying this beer earlier!

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