New DIY Summer Seltzer Recipe Ideas!


Introducing the Summer Seltzer!

If you can't beat 'em, join 'em.  The seltzer craze is still in full effect, so we decided to jump in and launch a super easy, fast brewing, customizable Summer Seltzer!

As we spend the last few months looking for awesome flavor combos, the BEERMKR team just could not agree.  So instead of pushing a single flavor on everyone, we figured we'd just let you all decide for yourself.  Consider the Summer Seltzer a blank canvas.  Have a look at what's in your fridge, your garden, or get crazy with it!  Below are a list of ideas, or maybe even guidelines, for how to customize your Summer Seltzer.

orange lime lemon seltzer custom

Citrus Fruits

Just play the hits, right?  This one is super easy and sure to please.  Grab some lemons, limes, oranges, or whatever (or all of them?), and get zesting. For this, only use the zest, no fruit or juice. 


Oranges (3-5 large) or Lemons (4-5) or Limes (5-6)

How To: 

Add to Brew Basket during Brew setup along with the corn sugar.


cucumber mint seltzer

Cucumber Mint

Sounds refreshing, eh?  Well it is!  


2-3 cucumbers peeled and chopped

10-15 fresh mint leaves

How To:

Add mint leaves to Brew Basket during Brew Setup.

Soak cucumbers in a 'neutral spirit', like vodka, to sanitize, then add to the Brew Basket at the Crash step.


Dry Hopped

Not quite ready to stray too far from your IPAs?  Well, this hoppy seltzer is great to mix things up on an especially hot one.


About 12g of raw hops

How To:

For bitterness, add hops during the Brew Setup step.  If you're looking for a more floral 'dry hop' flavor and aroma, add during the Crash Step.



This one is especially open ended.  Fruit...  Try strawberries, kiwi, mango, cherries.  Mix and match to find some tasty combos.


1lb of fruit, roughly chopped

How To:

Add to Brew Basket during Brew Setup.


Margarita Seltzer

This one was a TOTAL crowd pleaser in the shop.  Swapping the corn sugar for agave gives it a tequila hint.  It's been pretty hot in Boulder lately, and we've gone through a few batches of these.


550g light Agave syrup

2-3 Oranges (zest only)

5-6 Limes (zest only)

How To:

Swap the corn sugar for Agave, and add everything into the Brew Basket during Brew Setup.


Floral (Lavender or Hibiscus)

If you're looking for a slightly more sophisticated taste, try these floral options.  Or mix with a fruit of your choice!


150-200g of food grade Lavender flowers or dried Hibiscus petals

How To:

Add to the Brew Basket during the Brew Setup.

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  • This is a fantastic idea – Personally, I will be adding the Cherry Concentrate to my initial water and will add .75-1lbs of wild berries to the tub. Super excited!


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