New Beer Release: Belgian Witbier

We’re excited to announce our latest MKR KIT, the Belgian Witbier! Witbier means “White Beer” in Dutch and is composed of wheat and barley malts with noble hops and a classic Belgian yeast. It is a beer dominated by the Belgian yeast character with notes of clove, bubblegum, and sweet fruit. The warm fermentation temperatures bring out these unique yeast characteristics, and the noble hops add a slight spice note to its mild hop profile. The wheat malt adds a smooth base for the yeast to shine.

Belgian Witbier

  • 5.3% ABV 
  • 19 IBUs 
  • 4.2 SRM
  • Grain to glass time: 9 day
  • Ideal zone begins: 12 days after brewing


Available today on the BEERMKR App


Something that happens quite often in experimental brewing is throwing seemingly random ingredients at the wall and sometimes something special sticks. The Witbier came out of running a control experiment in the BEERMKR brewing lab in Boulder Colorado. We were attempting to identify an issue with the grain bill in another recipe we were developing, a Dunkelweizen, and we used our Ghost Wheat recipe as a control. However we subbed the American hops for some nobel hops and used the T-58 Belgian strain for fun (this was a grain test afterall, so no harm experimenting!). The beer that came out literally blew our socks off. We liked it so much that we decided to release it as is! It hit all the checkboxes of a Witbier and quickly became a favorite among BEERMKR staff.



Want to add some more classic Witbier flavors? Add 3g of crushed coriander (approx. 1 tsp) and 10g of orange zest (1 tbsp) along with the grains. Many Witbiers are brewed with these added spices and they can add a fresh spice component to the final beer.

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