Manley Pale Ale

5.5% ABV, 38 IBUs

Hey everyone, it's Chris, lead brewer at BEERMKR. Here's a blast from my past. Manley Pale Ale is my original APA recipe from 1994. I brewed this recipe more than 30 times until I got it where I wanted. Tweaking hop varieties until IBUs balanced the maltiness for a smooth well rounded beer. I think you will enjoy this copper colored American Pale Ale as much as I do. Cheers and here's to many more years of brewing!


2-Row, Caramunich II, and Carafoam make up the grain profile for this beer. It has a classic pale ale body that has a touch of copper. The caramel malts give this beer a nice sweet sweet body.


Willamette and Brewers Gold bring the 38 IBUs of bitterness and an earthy backbone to the beer, and a Cascade yeast hop addition adds a hint of juicy grapefruit to the finish.


The famous Chico strain is used to make this beer light, fruity, and exceptionally clean. 

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