New Imperial IPA MKRKIT!

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Few beer styles inspire the same level of revelry as an Imperial IPA. The Imperial IPA is the epitome of craft beer – malts, hops, and yeast, all pushed to their absolute limits, but like a formula 1 race car, holding the line and making it look easy at the same time. Pliney the Elder, Headdy Topper, Maharaja, all beers viewed as a step above regular IPAs for their excellence and opulent use of ingredients.

Enabling this style on the BEERMKR wasn’t easy. It required a lot of tweaks, process development, as well as a new part for the BEERMKR, the Hop Filter, to prevent clogs when using so many hops. It also required a double mash to get the lofty 9.8% ABV.


The grain bill is very simple. All 2-Row with a touch of Munich. Because the OG is high (1.096) and the FG is also high (1.022), this beer finishes sweet with plenty of body, eliminating the need the need for caramel or dextrin malts. Some big IPAs like Pliney the Elder actually use dextrose (corn sugar) to dry out the body for exactly this reason.


Holy hops batman, this beer has a lot of hops! 102g to be exact. It is bittered with CTZ at 60, 30, and 10, and opulently dry hopped with Simcoe, Centennial, and CTZ. The result is a piny, resinous, slightly fruity, west coast hop profile that doesn’t disappoint. The CTZ bittering additions produce 83 IBUs, resulting in 0.86 GU:BU ratio.


US-05 produces the classic west coast hop profile: soft fruit, clean esters. Because of the high gravity in this beer, expect a much longer fermentation than normal.

We hope you love this beer as much as we do. Throughout it’s 9 month development in the BEERMKR brewing lab, this beer has consistently been the most popular beer amongst the BEERMKR staff. We just can’t keep taps of this beer around very long!

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