Great beer comes from happy yeast.

BEERMKR is the only small form factor brewer available that manages both brewing and fermentation. No other brewers manage yeast and fermentation. Yeast make beer, and without yeast, beer would just be non-alcoholic hoppy sugar water. For yeast to create the plethora of flavors and alcohol that they do, they must be at a very specific temperature.

There are hundreds of strains of yeast, each with their own unique flavor profile that is only achievable within a strict temperature range for each stage of the fermentation process. If yeast are too warm, too cool, or under too much pressure, they will create undesirable flavors (i.e., classic "homebrew in the closet" flavors), or very little flavor at all (resulting in a bland beer).

When you start a recipe in the BEERMKR app, the optimal temperature profile is loaded automatically. With BEERMKR's CO2 monitoring system, it can detect when yeast move from stage to stage, and it will adjust the temperature automatically to keep the yeast in their optimal flavor-producing state.

With custom recipes, you have the ability to select which profile you wish to use, or even change the profile itself.

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