5.5% ABV | 28 IBU | 16 SRM

One of the premier joys of brewing is designing beer to be something. And that something is entirely up to you, the brewer. You can aim for a west coast IPA with big pine and resin, or a an oak aged stout with a huge ABV. We can be purposeful about the ingredients we use and create something special. That is what we did with this Dunkelweizen. We used BEERMKR's uncanny ability produce pro-grade beer and we made a kick ass Dunkelweizen that tastes like it was transported to us from Bavaria. This time, we chose to be intentional with the terroir.

Terroir means "from the soil". You hear about terrior a lot in wine because the growing region is the most important factor for wine. In beer, and especially American craft beer we have styles that we adhere to, but we often ignore terroir, which can really make the difference between a beer that actually tastes like it came from Munich Germany vs a beer that just tries to check the boxes of the style.

In this Dunkelweizen, 100% of the ingredients are from Germany. The malts are all from Weyermann out of Bamburg Germany, and include their Dark Wheat, Munich, Vienna, and Carafe II Special malts. The hops feature Northern Brewer and Perle, both from Germany, and the yeast is Lallemand's Munich Classic, the only authentic dry hefeweizen strain from Germany. When brewed with the Munich water profile with the BEERMKR Water Chemistry Kit, this beer will taste like a fall day in Bavaria. 

This Dunkelweizen is deep amber in color and soft in body. The dark wheat adds malt complexity, creamy mouthfeel, and some color. The munich malt adds more toasty bread body and the vienna adds a touch of biscuit. The carafa special type 2 is a dehusked dark malt that produces a lot of dark flavor and color but without any of the dark bitterness you would normally expect out of a dark malt.

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