Company Update


I hope everyone has had a chance to brew some delicious stouts this winter and a Märzen this spring on their BEERMKRs. As we approach summer, we’ll be transitioning back into classic summer seasonal MKRKITs like the Summer Seltzer, ‘Murica, Session IPA, the recently launched Stargazer Dry Hopped Pilsner, and re-launched Patio Pilsner. We have a lot of exciting new MKRKITs planned over the next couple of months, so watch your email and the BEERMKR app for announcements.

Customer Service Queue

Over the past number of months our company has been going through some growing pains. We’ve had some changes to customer service that saw response times lengthen and the repair queue (for those in it) lengthen as well. For this, we can only apologize and say that we are working to address the issue, which is a small team with not enough time in the day to get everything done that needs to get done.


The major reason we’re so strapped on time is actually a great one – this winter and spring, BEERMKR has been part of Techstars! For those unfamiliar, Techstars is one of the best startup accelerators in the world. Companies like Uber, Airbnb, and Instacart all went through a startup accelerator. Accelerators help the founding team take the company to the next level through intense partnership, mentorship, and investment. We’re spending a lot of time addressing the nuts and bolts of what makes BEERMKR special, and positioning the company correctly to scale to the next level.


Wow. We opened up pre-orders for a batch of BEERMKRs coming in and we’re already half way sold out! If you are interested in buying a BEERMKR for delivery in June 2023, be sure to head over to the pre-order page before they are gone. I’m sure a number of you have noticed new pricing as well for BEERMKRs. We experimented with different prices on our hardware in 2022, and we found the ideal price point was a good deal lower than we were charging last year. From a company perspective, prices dictate a lot: sales pace, amount of ad spend required to acquire a new customer, and so on. After lots of experimentation and study, we have found that lower prices on BEERMKRs yield a healthier company structure all together.

Refurbished BEERMKRs

Yesterday we also made available refurbished BEERMKRs. These are BEERMKRs that ended up back in our hands after a return, a repair, or other customer service related exchange. Our crew has cleaned up these units and gotten them ready for a new home. We’re offering them at a significant discount to new BEERMKRs and we only have a limited supply of them, so be sure to check them out while you can.

International Orders

We’re still working on getting the remaining international orders sent out. Many of these are aging, and we apologize for the delay. We have big plans for international, but the recent problems in global logistics, particularly in China, have hampered our ability to execute on this. Our goal is still to ship our next build by the end of this year to our international customers and include strategic MKRKIT support in Europe. We already have an agreement signed with a fulfillment center in Germany to fulfill MKRKITs, because without access to MKRKITs, bags, and SteamHops, the value proposition of BEERMKRs is lower.

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