5Day Wheat


This 5Day Wheat is light and approachable with enough hops to make it undeniably American. For a lesser hop character, add just half of each hop bag.

This Wheat Ale will be good immediately upon carbonation. We recommend leaving the beer in your BEERMKR for as long as it takes to achieve the optimal level of clarity. The beer will be good immediately upon carbonation and will be great within a week.

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This 5Day Wheat is composed of 2-row, wheat, and flaked wheat. The wheat brings a creamy and sweet character to the body and the flaked wheat brings structure. The result is a 4.9% ABV beer that doesn't taste thin.


The hop bill consists of Cascade, Willamette, and Hallertau Tradition. The Cascade brings most of the bitterness and notes of citrus. The Willamette and Hallertau Tradition bring an earthy spiciness to the beer with a floral nose.


This beer is fermented with Kveik, a yeast that ferments out completely in under 24 hours. It has a subtle profile of citrus and pineapple, and drops out quickly. It needs a few days at cold temperatures to flocculate, and we recommend using Clarifier to fully polish the beer.

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