5DAY Stout

The 5DAY Stout has smooth, complex notes of roasted barley and chocolate malt and a touch of black patent to add depth. The Golding and Fuggle bring the bitterness into delicate balance with the robust body. The Kveik yeast complete this beer in just 5 days, however the dark malts will require this beer to sit for a few more days before reaching its peak flavor.

Stouts usually require a few weeks to age and reach its peak flavor. Since this is a 5DAY beer, we needed to ensure that it could be drinkable within the first few days in the tap. To accomplish this, we built the grain bill to be on the lighter side for a Stout, but still stylistically qualify as a Stout. We kept the dark malts under 10%, which was plenty to add that dark color and flavor, but not enough to overwhelm. Our Chubby Stout by comparison is a higher ABV, more aggressive Stout, uses 25% dark grains split between roasted, chocolate, and two dark caramels. The more of these big grain based flavors you add, the longer it takes for all of those flavors to come together. I like to think of Stouts like cooking a chili. It takes a long time for all those flavors to come together. If you enjoy it too soon, you’ll be able to identify the individual components. Give it time to sit and those flavors merge to create something special.


This Stout is composed of 2-row, flaked wheat, roasted barley, chocolate malt, and black patent. The 2-row brings most of the fermentable sugar and the flaked wheat brings structure and dextrins for non-fermentable sweetness. The roasted, chocolate, and black patent malts bring a deep, robust, dark grain profile. We are using a blend of the three to add depth and complexity that you can’t achieve with just one dark malt on its own.


The English hops Goldings and Fuggle balance this beer with bitterness and a hint of hop flavor. Their noble characteristics (spice, earth) compliment the dark grains and produce the profile you would expect in a Stout.


Since this is a 5DAY beer, we are using Kveik! This is a true super-yeast that will eat through all those fermentable sugars in a day and get your beer ready to drink as soon as possible. The yeast settles out quickly, so be sure to check the bottom of your brewbag and run the vibe motor periodically if you see excess yeast accumulating. A few good flicks with your finger can dislodge stubborn yeast.

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